"As we come to the end of the year, Pretty Noise is an unexpected late entry to my albums of the year, well, it would be if I indulged in such overt commercialism. It seems to touch base with so many scenes and eras from 60’s garage bands to 70’s excess to 80’s commercialism to 90’s alternative and on into the alt-rock and indie movements of today. But more than that this is a band that write great songs, have a distinctive sound, even though I have spent the whole review referencing half the contemporary music canon, and they deliver those songs with a loose swagger and chilled indifference, or so it would seem. Once you have Christmas all bought and paid for, gather up your loose change and go out and buy this album as a present to yourself. You deserve it but more importantly so do they."

"The title of the album itself serves as an apt (if minimal) description of the sound. It’s a noisy kind of alternative power pop with delightful melodies and occasionally romantic undertones.... What’s notable to me about this album is how dynamic the songs are. Every song on the album seems to have its own musical personality. Even tracks which are done in the same style are still distinct and display a lot of variation in pacing, rhythm and content. Nothing here seems redundant. The vocals sound pleasant and emotive, and most importantly they are clean and haven’t been processed into oblivion (unlike many contemporary recordings.) This is a pretty solid debut album. There are indie bands out there who end up putting out 20 albums which may never come close to being as good as this."

"The Twelve AM goes for a raw, unhinged boisterous indie pop with “Pretty Noise”. Appropriately named, everything about “Pretty Noise” rushes things forward in a pitch-perfect way.  Hooks are aplenty while the Twelve AM draws from the aughts indie pop scene, allowing multiple layers of sound to intermingle in the most perfectly balanced way. Everything about the album has an infectious, joyous quality to it.... Best listened to at the highest possible volume for maximum impact."

"Textbook rock and roll composition. An authentically handmade feel and sound throughout. An album that tells you there’s a good live show waiting for you. The Twelve AM’s debut album, Pretty Noise, spills over with legit, multi-era-spanning rock themes and production.

Whose lovechild? Def Leppard meets Green Day and Blink 182 with a twist of Goo Goo Dolls."

"The Twelve AM is building on a timeless sound as far as my ears are concerned, one that I know firsthand has held up for me just about as long as I’ve been listening to music.  Lots here to love and every reason to encourage a band like this to continue on, Pretty Noise is full of great energy, spirited Indie-Rock vibes, and beautiful sentiment…the whole record’s aura is surrounded in a warm & inviting glow through the welcoming hooks & smooth vocals of The Twelve AM – definitely the kind of charming appeal and vibrant melodies that a ton of people will love to turn up."

"A really great combination of elaborate rock influences, immediate melodies and overall great songwriting. This talented indie rock band from Connecticut has a sound that makes me think of some of my all-time favorite bands, from The Replacements and Tom Petty, to modern outlaws like Lucero or Cloud Nothings.... Their music is sophisticated, yet simple and accessible at the same time. Some people might write off indie rock as a 3-chords business, but there is a lot more to it, especially when a band like The Twelve AM is able to channel such an interesting variety of influences."

"The Twelve AM deliver loud, rocking power pop on their latest album, Pretty Noise, which is set for release in January.  With chunky guitars, raw rock and roll attitude and a healthy dose of melodic, memorable pop appeal, The Twelve AM craft songs that knock you upside the sensory system with an electrifying wall of sound, larger than life rhythms and powerful vocals which ensure you feel the impact of every lyric."

"With the calendar recently turning over to 2019, we usually look toward a modern future as well as yearning for the best of the past.  Music is no different.  Our late 2018 discovery of The Twelve AM is the perfect band to satisfy both of these checkmarks, while also having the perfect name to ring in the new year with.  The three-piece band out of Connecticut provides a rock style that brings pieces of the past together with a modern feel ready to start 2019 with a rock n' roll explosion."

"Nostalgia roams for sure, but there’s also something refreshingly new about the way they craft and perform their tracks. Guitar Boys is a latter half highlight – it stands out for its acoustic aura. Lovely and crisp guitar work accompanies a gentler, almost whispered vocal. The lyrics are deeply poetic and heartfelt, and this, along with the music and the performance, makes for a song that captivates and calms as it trickles through. The hook works well and is likely to appeal to any number of understanding musicians out there. Heart Beats follows and re-energizes the room with another anthem and a slightly Primal Scream-like set-up. Great story-telling.... For the classic rock and indie fans out there – this album is a must. Genuine, musically masterful, passionate, and every bit as immersive as you’d hope."

"In the opening lines to “Punk Drunk,” the rollicking first song on their soon-to-be released debut album, the Connecticut band name checks both The Replacements and You Am I, not a bit surprising given the sonic assault that follows.  Full of loud guitars, unrestrained performance, and heart-on-the-sleeve sentiment, The Twelve AM has crafted an unabashed rock record that would do Messrs. Westerberg and Rogers proud.... When I think of great indie rock bands, I don’t usually think of Connecticut.  With a release like Pretty Noise, The Twelve AM has a chance to put it on the map."